Plantation Quilting Guild 2017 Show

I had the opportunity on Saturday, Feb. 25th to attend the 2017 Quilt Show hosted by the Plantation Quilting Guild. It was a grand show! Quilts, vendors, raffles, dining and everything else that goes with a very successful quilt show! Having visited the guild several months ago I was so happy to see so many familiar faces!

Over 130 quilts were hung for the show, sadly I did not have the chance to photograph them all. The quilts below are just a very few of all the fantastic projects on display.

Poly Gone by Ann Lord, quilted by Amelia Poore-Bone:



Metropolis,  entirely by Pam Walker:



Land of the Free, entirely by Faye Griffin:



Sampler With Leaves, entirely by Donnette Autrey:



Gingerbread Love, entirely by Jimmie Dye:



Stepping Stones by Carolyn Sands, quilted by Amelia Poore-Bone:

(Carolyn, excellent quilt! You got my vote for Viewer’s Choice!)



Annabelle by Kathy Wootten, quilted by Amelia Poore-Bone:



New Beginnings by Laura Murray, quilted by Amelia Poore-Bone:



Deliciously Red, entirely by Karen Shively:



A Touch of Home, entirely by Renee Eudaley:


Congratulations to Renee, she served as the Committee Chairman for the 2017 Quilt Show!


Tumbling Blocks, entirely by Renee Eudaley:



Christmas Poinsettias, entirely by Karen Barrett:



Catch a Falling Star by Donna Trusty, quilted by Amelia Poore-Bone:



Are We There Yet? by Marivel Garcia, quilted by Verna Tannery:





Poinsettia, entirely by Claudia Oswald: 



It was wonderful to see this Special Exhibit! The “Golden Ladies” created the most beautiful quilts and I was touched to see this Guild honor their senior members! Bravo!


While taking pictures I found 2 of these creative ladies! This is Pat Parrinello and her beautiful quilt:


And this is Verna Tannery and her wonderful quilt:



Don’t “ASP” Me to Make This Again by Ramona Morton, quilted by Faye Griffin:



Graceful Baltimore by Patricia Parrinello, quilted by Diane Pelton:



And have you noticed these excellent ribbons? They are Plantation homes!


Congratulations to this awesome Guild for putting on a fantastic Quilt Show! Such amazing talent in this group!!!

Happy quilting and blessings,


ps: If you see things I’ve listed incorrectly, would you please leave the correction in the comments section, thanks!

One thought on “Plantation Quilting Guild 2017 Show

  1. Wow! I missed a really nice show. I’m so glad that you captured a tiny piece of the show to share with us. I forced myself to pick only one out of those that you posted.
    Deliciously Red is my favorite. I love the red and white contrast and her beautiful appliqué. The variety of reds creates so much depth and movement. When I grow up I want to be able to create quilts like her.
    Thanks for sharing.


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