Two More Vintage Linen Quilt Blocks

Progress! As of yesterday I have 2 more blocks to quilt and then it’s on to all the sashings and the borders. This blog post is full of pictures showing, as best I could, the process of quilting each block.

Here’s the crazy thing about the block below – I do not remember making it… Every other single block in this quilt I remember distinctly. Not this one! Anyway, I really like it and am happy about how it looks quilted.


I used an oval acrylic template to draw the curve above the embroidered floral swag. The top feathers were all supposed to stop at the edge of the top but in the picture below I can see one or two particular feathers got a bit ambitious… The bottom feathers used the flowers to determine their individual lengths. You may remember I draw on the feather vein rather than stitching it with the longarm.


So, with the top feathers finished it’s on to marking the bottom mint green fabric. I’ve divided the green into 2 separate areas as part of my “divide and conquer” method of quilting. I used a curved longarm template to mark the gentle curves with my blue water soluble marking pen.  I use EZ International marking pens, mostly because I can purchase them in bulk which is great because I go through them quickly.



Above, the picture shows how I marked the feather veins with blue pen and below you can see the finished block. There was a time when I didn’t like to quilt big/long arching feathers but as I continue to practice and practice, I’m becoming quite happy with them.IMG_0986

The Flower Basket block is next. Isn’t this a sweet vintage doily! After stitching around all the hand embroidery I was left with the large open area at the top half of the doily.


Again, using an acrylic template I marked 6 arches above the yellow basket ribbon and topped it off with a hand drawn heart.


Each of the 6 arches serve as the center vein of a curved feather swag.


I had a bit of a hic-cup quilting the heart and the outside feathers but I can live with the outcome. Have you noticed that when the blue lines are gone, the mistakes decrease in number.  🙂

The arches have itty-bitty feathers and if you’ve not quilted itty-bitty feathers, they are actually much harder to do than the big ones.


The finished block! Seriously love this one!


Just as a reminder, I did a double batt on this project. Hobbs Heirloom white 80/20 with Hobbs Poly Down on top. It’s a super combination, not too bulky and it’s makes the quilting pop! What’s my thread that matches all the different colors of fabrics I’m quilting? Why WonderFil Deco Bob #104 of course! It’s my go to thread!


***House update: nothing to report other than the flooring tile has been gathered from several different cities, shipped to Houston and is scheduled to arrive at our home on Tuesday. Here are a few pictures of what some of the rooms on the 1st floor of our home look like today:

We’re still living in 2 rooms on our second floor. What’s in all the other 2nd floor rooms? Boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff we had to pack that was not ruined by the flood waters, clothing from the upper rods in all the downstairs closets, pictures from all the first floor walls, stacks of books and papers from the built-in cabinetry just to name a bit. My sewing room, aka Hub’s Home Office has had garment racks, clothes baskets, bits of furniture to say nothing of all the usual fabulous quilting stuff that actually belongs there! All this mess will come to an end and we will be thrilled with the renovations! Until such time, I’ll keep praying, keep trying hard to be optimistic and keep looking for that “silver lining” to all this craziness!

Happy Quilting and Blessings to all,



6 thoughts on “Two More Vintage Linen Quilt Blocks

  1. Greetings from West Virginia, Rhonda! I just love those little bitty feathers on the heart – so tiny and so cute and just a perfect addition to that block. I’m glad to see the renovations in progress, too, as you have been on my mind, wondering how you’re doing with flood recovery. I’m going to pray that your dining room and kitchen will be finished for Thanksgiving – even if you sit down to share your meal in a partially-renovated home, that will be such a blessing! But I’m really praying for a full restoration in time for the holiday! I just adore Thanksgiving and really enjoy all the preparations and table setting. Just plain fun! Take care and thanks for sharing your quilting with us!


  2. I love seeing your quilting; it’s amazing how well you create a quilting pattern in each block. ‘Quilt as desired’ is so difficult for me and you make it seems so easy. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it takes a while to see silver linings; the Lord is in control.


  3. I am loving your posts. I started following you because of the flood damage. Had no idea that you were a quilter! This one you’re working on is awesome! You are a true artist. Thank you for the posts. Of the house renovation and the quilts. (ok, mostly the quilts)

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