The quilting is finished!

Oh happy day! I finished the quilting early yesterday afternoon, later I added up the quilting hours in this project: 49 hours, 50 minutes! I think it’s been worth every single minute!

Here are the particulars: double batting using Hobbs white 80/20 on the bottom and Hobbs Poly Down on top. You may know I’m a WonderFil thread crazed quilter! For this entire project, no matter what color I was quilting over I’ve used WonderFil Deco Bob color 104 in the needle. I have a prewashed bleached muslin as my back fabric.  And for anyone keeping track, this project took 14 size M longarm bobbins. When finished (trimmed and bound) this quilt will measure about 85×92″.


One of my sweet friends remarked that I’d go through withdrawal when finished, I chuckled, but now that it’s happened I find she is spot on!

The block below has a small white-on-white hand embroidery doily as the centerpiece.


In the block below I used the entire doily, laying it atop the block and stitching it in place with the sewing machine. This way I could keep the beautiful machine produced edging.


Again, I’ve used the entire oval-shaped doily:


This yellow tulip with a blue bow is one end of a dresser scarf.




One of two vintage quilt blocks I used in this piece:


A lovely hand embroidered basket doily with a hand crocheted edging.


The second of the two vintage blocks used in this quilt.



Initially I had trouble with this block as it appears to be sideways. I’m glad I used it in it’s original orientation:


The block below is made up of two vintage doilies from a matching set of 3, two small and one large. I layered one of the “smalls” on top of the “large” and stitched them to the quilt block:


I’ve included the picture below to show how the border swags tie in nicely with the vintage linen blocks:


One of my favorite blocks is the “lady with watering can”. If I could quilt it differently I would make the feather arches on each side a little more arching/curved:


Well, this block gave me headaches! While quilting the small ovals inside the cross stitch grids, it was my intention to have the ovals on the left side tilt in the opposite direction as those on the right. Oops! I wasn’t upset enough to un-quilt…


Still one of my favorite blocks below!


I’m looking forward to taking this quilt off the longarm, trimming to size and binding. Hopefully I can utilize a few classroom tables at a local quilt shop to trim as right now there’s nowhere in the house to accomplish this simple task. 😦

***house update: nothing new to report. We were hopeful to have all repairs finished by Thanksgiving but remember, there were in excess of 40,000 homes damaged in the Hurricane Harvey flooding and there are not 40,000 construction teams to handle the tremendous amount of work to be done. Patience here is key! Let’s just say I don’t think we will be putting up a Christmas Tree in the great room this year.

Next project: I shopped the International Quilt Festival vendors looking for just the right fabrics to begin another Vintage Linens quilt project. I want to use the predominately dark ivory/beige doilies and trims in my collection. Most of the 1930’s reproduction fabrics have white rather than ivories. I found a fantastic grouping of various manufacturers fabrics that I think will be just the ticket! I wish I had taken the time to properly learn EQ7, it would be so helpful in developing these original patterns! Maybe in a week or two I’ll make myself sit down with the manual and go through the program step by step! My sweet friend Veronica makes it look so easy! Veronica, do you hire out?

Let me remind you, if you ever have questions about anything I talk about in my blog, you’ll find my email address below, just send me an email!

Until my next post, happy quilting, keep praying for the flood victims and blessings to all,





22 thoughts on “The quilting is finished!

    1. For the vintage handkerchief quilt I turned the edges under and used a tiny zigzag on my sewing machine to stitch them to the border. On the vintage linens #two, the swags are raw edge with a machine appliqué stitch.


  1. This quilt makes me happy. You have such an amazing gift and talent. This is the prettiest quilt I have ever seen. Well maybe the hexagon quilt was my favorite too. Every time I get on your site I just get filled up and even get tears in my eyes. I need to get going on my things so I can maybe start learning to quilt. Like someone said earlier they need new words because this is so beautiful. I really appreciate all your detailed instructions. I am looking at in the near future getting a quilting machine. Whick would you recemmend? Thank you so much.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I have a passion for the quilting part of making quilts! I have an Innova longarm. I researched and tried all sorts of machines for about 2 years before I purchased. I’ve never ever been sorry about my decision, just love my machine!


  2. Your blocks are exquisite! Beautiful. Georgeous. I need new words, because mine are inadequate. Congratulations on finishing a magnificent quilt. Side note about flooded homes in process. I went through a neighborhood in Katy, to see progress. There were working trucks of all kinds. Lots of dry wall being done, and plumbing. Garage door work, etc etc. Such a massive job, but progress is happening. Blessings to you as you are patient. Love, Jane Alexander

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  3. I’ve got to take some “cues” from you and start utilizing my vintage stash in multiples or they won’t deplete in eons!!! Love your feathers…in all forms!!!!! Continuing to send hugs with prayers your way!!

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  4. Withdrawals?? Me, too, and I’m just reading your blog and looking at the pictures! But…I will try to keep up with your amazing work. To think that you can create such beauty in your current chaos – I’m inspired and impressed. You rock, Rhonda.

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    1. I haven’t taken the quilt off the longarm yet. I don’t have a place to lay it out to trim, I’m going to take it to a quilt shop on Thursday morning to get it trimmed and ready to bind. Just part of the trauma and restrictions of having a flooded home 😦


  5. This whole project is just so beautiful and your fabulous quilting certainly enhances the linens. Just lovely, I look forward to seeing your next one using ivories.

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