“Quilting With Vintage Linens” Narrated PowerPoint Presentation

I have created a narrated 50-ish minute PowerPoint Presentation titled “Quilting With Vintage Linens” now available to your local quilt guild(s) at no cost. Here are the details:

1. While you will not own the presentation, you are free to show/broadcast it as many times as you wish.

2. You may shorten the presentation but you may not add anything whatsoever.

3. It is free so all you have to do is have either your guild president or program chair email me.

4. You or a guild board member must have the app Dropbox so I can share this 127MB file with you.

5. I created this to use Zoom for broadcast but I’m sure there are many other ways it could be viewed.

6. And finally, you may not profit in any manner from the showing of this presentation.

As these times of COVID are hard on us all, this is my “give-back” to Quilters everywhere who are really missing their Guild meetings.
Let me know if I’ve covered all the bases 🙂❤️🙂


gentle reminder: This is not a virtual or a live presentation that needs to be scheduled. This is a prepared in advance narrated self advancing presentation 67 slides in length.

Blessings to all and Happy Quilting,


5 thoughts on ““Quilting With Vintage Linens” Narrated PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Wow – thank you so much. Our guild had planned a vintage linens presentation this Spring but of course that didn’t happen. This will be a great substitute when the guild meets again.

    Susan B.
    VP – Programs
    Northern Neck Piecemakers Quilt Guild

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  2. How do I view your ppt without using dropbox? I installed it but dont know how to use it. Can you just attach in email? Looking forward to seeing it.

    Gayle Marshall

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    1. So Dropbox just serves as a means for me to make a 127MB file available to be downloaded. The presentation was created using Microsoft PowerPoint so the viewer must be able to use this software to view the slideshow.


  3. I was so excited to see that you have put this presentation together. I have a collection of pieces from my grandmothers that I have not really known what to do with. Unfortunately I do not belong to a quilt guild. If you could let me know if any guilds in the Dallas/Fort Worth area request your presentation, I would really appreciate it so I could join them. I found your 5-6 blog posts on this topic and that may be enough to get me started.

    I have several cross stitched tablecloths from one of my grandmothers. The problem is that her color choices are absolutely nothing I would ever put together. I think I will use these to make pillows or something frameable for my cousins and their daughters and granddaughters before I try to put a quilt together. On these cross stitched tablecloths, there are no separate motifs. It’s pretty much a border that’s connected all the way around or a rectangular centerpiece so I will have to cut into the embroidery. Would you back it with a fusible and serge the edges to keep the stitches from coming loose?

    The pieces from my other grandmother will be much easier to incorporate. These are tatted, embroidered and crocheted pieces, including pillowcases, doillies, dresser scarves and antimacassars.

    This has been a difficult time for my senior quilt group. We have really missed our twice weekly hand quilting sessions.

    Sincerely – Bernadette Webre

    Sent from my iPhone Bernie Webre


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  4. Thank you, Rhonda. Will forward your email to the presIdent of my quilt guild and also to my longarm guild president. Nancy, Naperville, IL

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