Class 3: Vintage Linens Hexagon Quilt

Class 3: Hexagons! I am so excited to spend a few months with hexagons! Have you noticed? Our Facebook membership has grown to 1800+! How amazing is it to have a globally active quilting group!

Class 3 starts Saturday, May 1, 2021. Between now and May you have several important decisions to make:

  1. What kind of hexagon project will you make.
  2. What fabrics will you use? Will they be neutrals? Colors?
  3. Do you have the necessary vintage linens and trims for your
    desired project?
  4. Do you plan to embellish your hexagons?
  5. What size project will you create?
  6. Will you make a “show” or a “utility” quilt?

I will have a basic supply list posted by Tuesday, April 6.

Take some time to look at hexagon quilts. Search through both Pinterest and Instagram for beautiful and varied examples. (I am particularly fond of 2 patterns: Sweet Sunday Candied Hexagons and another titled: Smitten.)

This is a screen shot of my Hexagons Board on Pinterest. (How do you find me on Pinterest? In the app search bar just type in my name Rhonda Dort. I have my Boards in alpha order so they’re easy to locate.) I’ve pinned 299 pictures of fabulous hexagons/hexagon quilts. This board has been so inspirational as I ventured into hexagon experimenting.

Hexagon quilts can be visually very structured, they can follow a general layout or they can be remarkably random. I’ve made examples all three and each was a very rewarding experience!

The 5 hexagon quilts pictured in the class reveal are each of my own creation, no pattern followed. They were not difficult to create, they were each an experiment with a different technique and goal in mind.

3” each side hexagons surrounded by 1/2” finished sashing strips. The placement of the sashing strips gives them the appearance of being woven together.

My interpretation of a lovely Australian pattern titled: Sweet Sunday; Candied Hexagons by Tree House Textiles. All ivories and whites with little pops of quilting fabric colors.

This work-in-progress is almost the complete opposite of the previous picture, smaller areas of neutrals surrounded by rich colors.

A very structured hexagon experiment, these are 2” finished hexagons and equilateral triangles set together with 60° diamonds.

And finally, 3” each side finished heavily embellished hexagons set together in a honeycomb method in the fashion of English paper piecing.

Are you already seeing the possibilities? The sky’s the limit on what you can do with a basic hexagon shape! Class 3 begins on May 1, 2021. How can you participate? On Facebook search for: 1914 Boehm House Vintage Linens Retreat, make a request to join and you’ll be all set!

Today is Good Friday, take a moment and reflect on what that means. Blessings to all, Rhonda