It’s Monday!


It’s Monday! A whole week ahead of me to work on embellishing my 4 1/2″ hexagons. I’ve finished 15, have 3 yet to be embellished and need to create 2 more. I’ve got lots of pictures to share, hope you enjoy them!


I’ve created this project board to hold the hexagons, both finished and those in progress. It’s rimmed with beautiful vintage crocheted trim, a nice way of frame the vintage embroidery, laces and trims on the hexies.

Below are progression pictures of a hexagon block, start (upper right) to finish, left.

Happy stitching,


6 thoughts on “It’s Monday!

  1. Hello Rhonda. I discovered your blog today and fell down a rabbit hole! Thank you for the treasure trove of information. I have been collecting vintage linens for years without any clear idea of what to do with them but knowing that I loved them. I am a newly retired teacher and amateur seamstress and I have found your site both inspirational and informative. Thanks again! Now back to obsessive scrolling! 😉


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  2. This is Truely the inspiration l needed.
    Love that you share how to start to finish,
    l will be watching your blog & hope to post
    My first embellished HEXAGON. I copied
    Your Hexagon pictures for future reference.

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    1. Thank you! If you want tons of my hexagon pics, go over to Pinterest where my address is: RDort1 and go to my boards titled: My Second Chances hexagon…
      and My Blocks CQJP both 2015 and 2016.


  3. These are so beautiful. I really love hexagons. I have made some similar to these, but I kept them separate and use them as mug rugs. Love your work.

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