24×24 part 2

I decided that If I was going to hand bead/embellish this project that I would need some sort of hooping or framing method. I had a needlework frame but the long rods weren’t long enough. Problem solved by a quick trip to ABC Stitchery in Spring, TX. The frame ends up about 28″ in length, a little cumbersome but manageable.

I’m beading with Nymo thread, both soft white and ivory. Even on these bright colors you really have to look for the thread to know its there.


The beading is much more difficult than I expected in that even with a slender bead needle it’s still sometimes difficult to stitch through all the thread work. I like the look so I’ll persevere.

Finally, look what my awesome daughter the Graphic Designer created for me! Business Cards!  She’s the best! A big shout out to Moo.com! They printed and shipped with alarming speed!image

Happy stitching and thanks for following,


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