Quilting; How I Add a Frame Around a Hexagon, a Visual Tutorial

I’ve never published a tutorial blog with no words but here goes! I’ve been getting questions about how I add a frame around my vintage hexagons as shown in the picture below so I decided to do a Visual Tutorial by uploading 43 pics. Of course, if you have questions, please email me or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Ok, did this work for you? Please let me know!

Blessings and Happy Quilting to all,


23 thoughts on “Quilting; How I Add a Frame Around a Hexagon, a Visual Tutorial

    1. Hi Millie, the measurements are arbitrary. Depending on the size of hexagon you cut, the length of the strips will be determined by the length of each of the hexagon sides. The width of the pieces is up to you, you may want a thick sashing or a thin sashing. I have found that peoples preferences differ greatly.


  1. I absolutely love this tutorial. Every time I read your blog I feel like I should print every blog that you have written so that I have it right there in a folder to refer back to. Well, I’ve resisted the temptation so far.

    You are so talented and it is such a blessythat you enjoy sharing your knowledge.


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