Let’s Make a Vintage Linens Quilt Together, Post #2

What’s up with the following pictures? This is the best way I can think of to give you an idea of the Vintage Linens used as well as different blocks that used bits and pieces of the same piece.

The different color circles show where I was able to use the same vintage linen piece to create multiple blocks. The number on the block corresponds to the listing 1-7 below, detailing what the piece was before I used it to make the quilt block.

  1. Dresser scarfs
  2. Table toppers
  3. Handkerchiefs
  4. Doilies
  5. Tea towel
  6. Napkin
  7. Tray cloth

This makes sense to me, but does it make sense to you? I am attempting to demonstrate that just because there are 32 blocks in a project you might not need 32 individual vintage linen pieces. As you cut into a linen, save your bits and pieces as they might have an opportunity to appear in the quilt as a smaller block piece.

Happy quilting and blessings to all,


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6 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Vintage Linens Quilt Together, Post #2

    1. Not to worry, there is no registration form. If you go to the blog post and scroll all the way to the very bottom, the last picture is a screenshot of the website you need to join: 1914 Boehm House Vintage Linens Retreat


  1. Yes this makes sense. Each piece will determine how much of it you will include in a block.
    I Am excited to get my pieces assembled and fabric chosen.
    This will certainly chase th winter blues away for many of us, Canada wide.

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  2. I cannot wait to do this project! I have bunches of old items similar to the ones you used. Never knew how to use them effectively until now!! Perfect for the long winter that is looming before us.

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