Let’s Make a Vintage Linens Quilt Together, Post 14 of 14, Class 1 Lesson 5

Class 1 Lesson 5

Sob sob…the final instructions 😭😩😭

The sashings, the cornerstones and the sections for the quilt top construction.

The sashings and cornerstones: you have measurements and numbers necessary in the Files. (The sashings are where I utilized my June Taylor Shape Cutter.) You can see that I have chosen my sashings to be bleached muslin and my cornerstones are a medium/light green print. There is a speedy quilter that jumped the gun and posted a section of her quilt top showing her pink sashings and various color cornerstones, they look lovely! Again, this is a very personal choice but make color choices that will bring continuity to your quilt top. Your sashings and cornerstones can either pop or they can fade into the quilt top, you be the judge! 🤔🙂❤️

But…don’t just jump in and go crazy sewing blocks together without looking at the diagram that points out the Sections of the pattern. Unless you want to bring crazy trouble into your sewing room, follow the Sections to sew your blocks together.

Note that Section 8 is a peculiar one, it is a strip made up of only cornerstones and sashing strips down the left edge of your fabulous creation.

Now…I know there are many of you who have a bit (or quite a bit) of stitching to do in order to get to this point. Don’t for a minute think I am leaving you behind! Mark my word, we will get you to the finish line, I am here for you!

I am so excited to begin to see finished quilt top pictures popping up all over this FB group page!

Wow! here we are, the final Lesson for Class 1! It has been great! Are you ready for Class 2? Stay tuned for more information to come in the next few week.

Blessings to all and Happy Quilting, Rhonda

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