Class 4, the Double Wedding Ring Quilt, Blog Post #2b

Class 4 Information, FB Post 2b

Why have I avoided talking about machine decorative stitching over the raw edges of the vintage linen circles? This is how things progressed for me:

Once I had all my circles cut and glued to my background fabric I began to position them on my design wall in what I considered to be a pleasing layout. (And I forgot to take a pic at this point ☹️) I immediately learned a few things, the first being that there was one circle that while upclose looked fine…from a distance looked dirty/stained. See the first two pics below. Before you scroll to pic 2 see if you immediately spot the culprit circle. Even before you cut fabrics for your arcs, lay out your center block pieces to weed out those that just do not enhance your project.

Don’t begin choosing the various colors for your decorative stitches until you’re comfortable with your fabric(s) layout.

Happy quilting and blessings, Rhonda

2 thoughts on “Class 4, the Double Wedding Ring Quilt, Blog Post #2b

  1. Hi Rhonda, I live in Willis Texas (just up the road ha) and I found you on Pinterest last year. I don’t know how to do this blog thing well so I apologize, but I wanted to let you know your work is so inspiring, fabulous, creative and just beautiful.

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    1. Oh Della, you’ve made me smile! Thank you for your ,kind words! Yes, I know exactly where Willis is! So nice up there! Much more peaceful than northwest Houston! ❤️


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