4 thoughts on “Class 4, The Double Wedding Ring Quilt, Blog Post #8

  1. It would be difficult to substitute a different shape for the four patch portion of the block because the end shape of the arc determines the shape of the four patch as it attaches to the arc.


  2. Your 4 patch corner unit, is shaped like a 2.5 square, unlike The Martinelli template which has 2 curved sides… could I substitute the square? I found the other unit a challenge with the short curved edge.

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    1. The four patch unit in the solid arc double wedding ring has a curved edge to it. I am unfamiliar with the Martinelli templates. By chance do you mean the Marti Michell templates? They also are curved and once you get the hang of piecing this curve they all go rather quickly. I feel bad you are having difficulty with them. I’m going to look and see if I have some close-up pictures of how they are sewn together.


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