Retreat: QGGH Style!

Oh La Grange, what a great town! My guild, the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston held their Winter Retreat once again at Camp Lone Star in La Grange, Tx. Oh what a place… It’s a Lutheran Youth Camp and as such it’s a fantastic facility to house 50+ crazy quilters who, like me, pack almost everything they own into their cars and head west for a fun weekend of quilting, laughing, eating, sharing and making new friends. By time Sunday morning rolled around I was so sleep deprived I questioned my ability to drive back to Houston. Luckily I had a great trip home where like most everyone else that attended – I collapsed!

I took lots of pictures at retreat this time. My goal was to feature work spaces, projects and sewing machines rather than cause people to shy away from the camera due to 4 day uncombed hair, pajamas and no makeup 😉

The amazing Jackie Hillman stepped up for the recovering Linda McNabb (get better soon Linda!) and taught a great class involving Crayola Crayons and Quilting. Look for the pictures below. There were so many different projects going on, too many to name. It was great to walk around and see first hand all the creativity. We have such a talented guild!

It was bittersweet to hand off the Jack’s Chain quilt. If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll remember this is the quilt my Monday Bee pieced and I quilted. I’ll miss seeing it here in my sewing room. It will be bound, a sleeve and label attached and will be a Live Auction Quilt at our upcoming Show.


I enjoyed our trip into the Texas Quilt Museum where there are currently 32 IQA award winning quilts hanging. I’m thrilled that my quilt Second Chances is part of the display.


Thanks to Keith Lund, our Lone Star Host. He always goes out of his way to make us feel like family! If you’re looking for a place to retreat, think of Camp Lone Star.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, oh, and don’t forget to mark your calendar for Thursday and Friday, May 5-6 so you can attend our Quilt Show at The Stafford Centre. See you there!


Blessings to all and Happy Quilting!


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