Rabbits Prefer Embroidery

One of the reasons I started keeping a detailed quilting journal is because I think I have such an excellent memory and I couldn’t be more wrong! Rabbits Prefer Embroidery bolsters this case. I have no idea when in the last 10-ish? years I made this little quilt top.

A Bunny Hill Designs pattern measuring 36 x 39″, I do remember this was a joy to hand embroidery. Here’s another mystery: did I see it done up somewhere in pastels or did I come up with the idea on my own? Who knows! Here’s a picture from the Bunny Hill website of the pattern done in red:


Here’s my quilt top before the quilting began:


Here’s my finished (well finished quilting that is) version of Rabbits Prefer Embroidery. Bunny Hill Designs show the finished project quilted in what appears to be 1″ spaced diagonal lines. I decided to do feathers in all the printed fabrics and parallel lines in the outside white borders.


I’m thinking I’ll do the binding on one of the greens, I need to do some auditioning to make the final decision.

The larger areas of white in the embroidery blocks caused me considerable concern. They needed quilting but I wasn’t quite sure what to do that wouldn’t distract terribly from the embroidery. I finally decided a simple scallop mimicking the outer pink border would frame the rabbits nicely. In the larger blocks, after a lengthy phone conversation with mom, she suggested I repeat a few design elements to further fill in areas. You’ll notice in several blocks I repeated the green line of grass and small flowers to give the areas additional quilting. Two blocks now have a quilted sun and one block got a tiny quilted butterfly.

I used a “new to me” thread and I’m blown away! Wonderfil Deco-Bob 80 weight, color 104. Here’s the amazing thing about this thread: it takes on the color of what’s beneath it. Take a close look at the feathers quilted in some of the pictures below. It appears that I changed thread each time I quilted a different fabric! I used this thread in the needle for the entire project!


By the way, here’s a shameless plug for ABM International, the makers in my Innova longarm! Love my machine! Another plug for my awesome dealer: Jo’s Quilting Studio


I used a white 70 weight bobbin thread and you’d be amazed at how many yards of 70 weight thread can be wound on a size M bobbin!!  My backing fabric is a white woven poly cotton and I used 2 layers of Hobbs Poly-Down batting. My total quilting time on the project was 15 hours, 15 minutes, with the outer border parallel lines taking almost 1 1/2 hours.


I’m thrilled to have this project this close to being finished! Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictorial journey!

Blessings and Happy Quilting,


7 thoughts on “Rabbits Prefer Embroidery

  1. I have been thinking of doing this quilt for some time. I was trying to decide on a color because I wasn’t really wanting to make it red. Now after seeing yours, I think I will do a pastel quilt also. Yours is beautiful.

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  2. Rhonda, This is so sweet! Your quilting complements it so nicely. The Deco-Bob seems to me magical. I still have a spool to try it. Must get on that! You did a wonderful job.

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  3. It looks awesome! I really love how the Wonderfil Thread blends in all areas of the quilt.

    I remember you shared your fabrics with someone at our Seabrook group. Later, you gave Joyce the fabrics to make hers. So that means you probably made it right before you joined the Seabrook group or around that same time.

    That little quilt top was always one of my favorites. Now it’s even prettier!

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  4. It looks awesome!

    I remember You shared fabrics with someone at Terry’s, maybe Mandy? Later, you gave Joyce the fabric and pattern to make hers. So does that mean you made it right before you joined the Seabrook club; or around that same time?

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