It’s finished! Well…almost finished…

If you don’t count proper trimming, binding, sleeve and label, well then it’s finished! Ok, I took it off the longarm! I’m thrilled with the quilt so far. Remember, this began a few months back as an experiment with 20 beautiful vintage ladies handkerchiefs. I started the project at a quilting retreat and it’s fitting that I bind it at another retreat mid August.

IMG_6443 (Edited)

20 handkerchiefs all quilted with their own design! I waited until the blocks were finished before deciding on how to quilt the sashing. My final decision: nothing! As the sashings are only 1″ finished, I decided any quilting would only serve to distract from the 20 “Stars of the Show”. Here are a few pictures of the various blocks:



So what are the technical particulars? This quilt is double batted with my favorite batting, Hobbs white 80/20 as well as their white Poly Down. It is backed with double wide bleached muslin (that I laundered in hot water) and my thread of choice for the entire project: Wonderfil Deco Bob #104 in the needle, a white 60 weight poly in the bobbin. If you’ve been following me long you’ll know I am enamored with both Wonderfil Deco Bob and Invisafil. They are fantastic threads! Oh, and the quilt measures 71×85″



And finally, a few pictures of the back:

IMG_6456 (Edited)

IMG_6458 (Edited)


Quilting time: 29 hours, 35 minutes. The binding will be pink to matching the sashing.

I created this piece because so many times during either my Lecture and/or Workshop someone always asks something like “What can I do with all my mother/grandmother’s beautiful handkerchiefs?” I’ve personally been collecting these beauties for years and now finally I can demonstrate a great way to showcase a collection.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Blessings to all and Happy Quilting,







13 thoughts on “It’s finished! Well…almost finished…

  1. I saw your earlier post about this quilt on Pinterest, and was happy to find this post on the quilting. What a gorgeous job! I can see why it won an award. ( Maybe more than one by now!) Thank you for your detailed instructions on this project. I have been collecting hankies for a few years and have a LOT of them. I have planned using them in quilts, and love your swag border. With no longarm and hand arthritis, mine will not be as fancy with the quilting, but I’ll send you pictures when I get one done ( or close to done). Thanks again. Beautiful work!

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  2. You have me hooked on second chances. But I am a longarm quilter too. You should do some youtube videos on longarm quilting . You have such talent and a giving spirit. Love all you work.

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  3. WOWZA! Your work is just outstanding! I have hankies I’ve inherited and think I should do something with them. This is totally what I’d love to do with them. I can’t imagine anything more beautiful. Loving all your quilting as well as the swags and dots in the border. Great decision to not quilt the sashings – they look fab!

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  4. I’m sorry, I meant to say any quilting in the sashing would be distracting…… I believe every new quilt that you post becomes my favorite ❤️

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  5. Rhonda, this quilt is beautiful! I agree that any quilting in the batting would be a distraction to the beautiful blocks. Absolutely, beautiful

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