Feature artist/blog: Sarah Lizzies Handmade

Sarah Lizzies Handmade

This woman is to blame! After stumbling on her blog (via Pinterest) a few years ago, my creativity headed in a whole new direction, my spare time was spent searching for that perfect vintage whatever, my pocketbook began its downward spiral and sleep became random.

Her blog is such a joy to read. I’m thinking that if she stopped being creative with her hands, her words alone would likely pay the bills.

I am in awe of creative “think outside the box” individuals and she’s definitely one of those people! She has a name by the way, it’s Kim. She has no idea I’m featuring her in my blog today. Gosh I hope she’s good with this!

If you have a minute, or two, or ten thousand, click on the underlined link above and spend some time in Tasmania. For the geographically challenged, Tasmania is at the southernmost tip of Australia.

The link is above. For some reason I cannot get the font to be dark blue 😦

Image result for tasmania map world

I have been introduced to this island by her blog because not only is she genius when it comes to creativity, she’s a mighty fine photographer to boot.

So, I was afraid of hexagons until I found this picture, the rest is history as they say…

I immediately began planning what would be my first embellished hexagon quilt. In the States (for quilting) we measure hexagon sizes by the length of an individual side. If I had to guess I would say these hexagons might have 6-7″ sides? And just look at those fabulous pillows! Vintage linen pillows!

This picture above was the inspiration for my small piece titled: Basket of Flowers. Thank you Kim! And feast your eyes on this awesome basket in the pic below! Wow!

How many people do you know that wake up one day and say to themselves “I think I’ll cut apart a perfectly good book and paste the pages on a few wall in my home”?

Her garden pictures are sublime, her sense of composition are wonderful and she has taught me about her family, her town, her country, her talents and most of all she has taught me to stretch my creativity.

Thanks Kim!

Happy Quilting and Happy Creating and Blessings,


IMG_4386 (Edited)

***house update: 6 replacement custom windows (ordered months and months ago) were delivered to the house on Tuesday. The window installers came on Thursday. Only 2 were correct… 4 have to be remade… Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and just about everything from that dreadful hurricane has been, well, just crazy!



18 thoughts on “Feature artist/blog: Sarah Lizzies Handmade

  1. I can’t seem to find the size of your hexagons. I found it before but now It is lost to me. LOL. I have ordered doileys and lace on e-bay. I have beads bought and other things. I am so excited and nervous to get started. The doileys I received are beautiful and in great condition. I am feeling strange to cut them up. I treasure all the beautiful work and how much time was spent on each one. As I cut them ip I think I will be telling each person ( like they can hear) how much I appreciate all their talent.

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  2. I was just looking at pictures I had saved of yours and Lizzy’s hexagon quilts yesterday. Thank you for sharing about her and how she inspired you to go in a new direction. Without you and her I would not have been inspired to even think about starting a quilt. Thanks to you I received my first set of doilies from e-bay about an hour ago. They are beautiful. I have 2 more small orders coming by wednesday. I have spent so many hours on e-bay. LOL. This is all new to me. I raised 9 children and many years of that as a single Mom. It is now time for me. Thank you.

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    1. I am doing the e-bay thing too. I have had 3 orders and am waiting on crocheted and tatted trims. It is scary and fun to start this. I didn’t have really anything to start with. I do have a tatted little doll dress of my Grandmas. I am debating whether to use it or not. I have 3 of them , not the same color. I may just wait to use it on something else.

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  3. Another thank you to you, Rhonda. I’ve visited Sarah Lizzies today and have begun reading her posts. I did add her to my reader so I won’t miss a single post. Her work and her photography is outstanding. She also writes wonderfully and full of emotion. She describes things so skillfully that I can almost see the sky and smell the flowers. You and she are keepers!!

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  4. What a fun, happy and motivating post! You are so joyful and your style of sharing the details and photos of your work, and others’ (in this case) makes so feel so happy and almost as fulfilled as if I HAD created something beautiful. Win/WIN!

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