All the little extras in my Primitive Garden quilt.

By now you already know how much I love this pattern and what a wonderful time I had creating each and every block and border. But with each pattern I tried to add a personal touch or two or three. This blog post is jam packed with pictures, 41 I think, and each one is included to show you the details of my additions.

The 2 pictures above show 2 of the 7 House Wrens I added to the top border. Below you’ll see I added a tree branch (to the upper left border) featuring a male Baltimore Oriole feeding a worm to one of the 3 baby birds in the hanging nest. Just for fun I added several clumps of red cherries to the tree branches.

Above is a pic of a tiny field mouse that’s found a home at the base of the left fence post in the Birds on a Wire block. In the 2 pictures below you can see close-ups of the beautiful Bumblebees buzzing the Morning Glory vine flowers.

Sorry this pic isn’t clearer, but this is my tiny garden variety snail crawling along the lower edge of the Geranium block.

This sweet little yellow and tan butterfly is flying around in the right upper border, just above the Zinnias.

Here’s one of 2 male Ruby Throated hummingbirds flying around in the quilt. This one is finding nourishment amongst the Zinnias.

The Garden Hoe block features this tiny spider dropping down from his web at the head of the hoe and below you’ll see 1 of 2 green grasshoppers resting on the top left of the same garden hoe.

Here’s the 2nd yellow butterfly hovering above the robins in the Shovel block and below is the 2nd of the 2 hummingbirds searching for nectar in the flowers of the orange Trumpet Vine.

The Shovel block also features 2 male Robins observing their surroundings as they perch on the Trumpet Vine tendrils.

Below you can see I made several changes to the bird feeder design in the left border. I revised the design of the feeder structure, changed from one blackbird to a male and female Cardinal, placed chopped up wool pieces behind smoke colored netting/tulle to resemble bird feed and added a green Ivy Vine that winds its way up the feeder pole and onto the roof.

Here’s the 2nd of the 2 green grasshoppers making an appearance on the Seed Packet block.

More Bumblebees and a tiny little Dragonfly are additions to the Sap Bucket block.

Oh the Rake block! I had a great time creating these 2 male American Goldfinches! They replace the original 2 blackbirds in the original pattern. And, am I the only one that thinks the leaves in the Rake block look like moose antlers?

Mr. Squirrel is at the bottom right of the rake handle. I must confess, my mom made the squirrel for me during one of my visits to Missouri. I was thrilled! It was only because I was not paying attention to things that created the circumstances of the vine appearing to be growing out of his nose 🙂 At least I remembered to provide him with acorns to eat.

Another “tree branch” addition features 2 more House Wrens perched in the right quilt border.

Oh the Blue Jays! I love both of them! Dad Blue Jay is coming in for a landing to join mom Blue Jay on the edge of the birdbath bowl.

In the above 2 pictures you’ll see a small Carolina Wren addition to the Birdhouse Block and look closely and you’ll find a Chameleon resting in the leaves of the plant at the left base of the birdbath base.

Below is one of many red LadyBugs I’ve added to the quilt.

A tipped, yet still flourishing plant in the flower pot on its side and below at the left base of the Hollyhocks is the 1st of 2 turtles.

3 very small gourds round out all the additions to the left border. Below is the 2nd little turtle underneath the Wheelbarrow. You’ll notice I added a second set of leg supports to the wheelbarrow.

A very tiny little yellow butterfly is visiting a flower in the Seed Packet block.

A tiny LadyBug on a leaf in the Garden Tools block.

In the picture above you can see I added 7 bunches, both large and small, of Queen Anne’s Lace blossoms atop the sunflowers.

Below you’ll note I changed up the right border to include a stylized American Flag with vining ivy to replace the original green garden hose.

The top border also got a few more flowers: 2 more red flowers and 1 more purple flower on each side.

And finally, again in the Garden Tools block, I added 2 little green toads, a blue butterfly and deleted the garden clippers.

I’m sure given more time and concentration I could document 1 or 2 more changes/additions but I think I’ve covered the majority of them.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt, many thanks to Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings for such. Wonderful pattern!

Are you still with me? Please know that if you’d like any of my bird/animal/insect patterns, I could scan and send them to you, just let me know.

As a closing note, take time to remember that as we approach this blessed Christmas Season that Jesus is the reason we have this “season”!

Blessings to all and Happy Quilting,


20 thoughts on “All the little extras in my Primitive Garden quilt.

  1. Hello, I love the creative additions you added to Lisa’s quilt pattern. I made the original and want to make another for my DIL and would like to make hers a little different. If you scanned your patterns could you send me the link to that page in your blog? I got a blue ribbon for my quilt and a Best of Class also.

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  2. Rhonda, your finished quilt is a masterpiece!! So much glorious detail to be seen. One’s eye could look at this beauty for hours and marvel at all the intricate details. Love all the little critters. The little bird nest is so very sweet, the snail, the birds, the butterflies………..the……………!! Your Primitive Garden Quilt is indeed a triumph!!

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  3. I love all the details in this quilt and the extras you did to make it yours. You added and changed things just right. Just like all your quilts there are so many pretty things to look at.

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  4. I love your commentary about slowing down and adding little details. I have a tendency to get into a “rush rush” mode when I am finishing a quilt. I am completing a french themed quilt for my daughter right now. I am going to complete the top for her for Christmas and then take it back in order to add some little “love” details to make it more special. Would never have thought of that without your blog post. Thank you so much.

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  5. Ha! When I saw the first posting on this darling piece, “moose antlers” immediately popped to my mind, also! This pattern was so sweet as purchased but your personallizations have taken it over the top. Thanks so much for sharing your creative inspirations……hugs……

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  6. Rhonda, this is beautiful..!! I hope to see it hanging with a prize winning ribbon at next year’s Quilt Festival..!!! ________________________________

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    1. Thank you William for your kind words! This quilt hung at festival in 2016 in the quilts of beauty juried section. It was an honor to have it there! It also took best of show at my guild and again at the Houston livestock and rodeo competition.


  7. Hi Rhonda. I am so tickled that you shared close ups of your quilt to inspire us and also to tickle us with the simplicity of how we can achieve a beautiful quilt by working block by block. It would be a treat if you could share your patterns with us. Have a blessed holiday season. I believe Jesus really is the reason for the season.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! Give me maybe a week and I will get the bird/animal/insect patterns scanned and i will do a separate blog post when they’re ready. I’m at church for the next 8 days straight with rehearsals and then 4 straight days of 9 performances of our Christmas program 🙂


    1. Hi Barb, thank you for your kind words! I will try and get the patterns scanned and probably I’ll post them in a blog. It’s Christmas program time at church, let me get this coming week behind me and I’ll get back with you 🙂


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