The final edition of My Primitive Garden Quilt blog posts!

Remember I said mom and I decided to make this amazing quilt? She finished her light years ahead of me but finally we had them in the same room! Hers is hanging on the wall, mine is across the bed. We know we had a hit on our hands when her cat made himself comfortable! If you hate cats on quilts, turn away for a few more pictures as you scroll down.

So very much the same, so subtly different here and there.

I have scanned all my “add-on” patterns. If they are something you’d like, send me an email and I’ll send you the file. I’ve scanned each pattern with a 6” ruler in the pattern so you’ll know if your printer is to scale.

My email address:

That’s it! This is officially the end of blog posts about My Primitive Garden! This quilt remains one of my favorite projects, so much so that I’m mulling over starting a new wool on cotton quilt top but this time I’m thinking about designing my own pattern. Lofty idea but possibly doable…possibly…

Here’s a little sneaky-peek of my next blog post:

It’s time to consider the New Year, it’s quickly approaching. I’ve been blessed beyond measure this year and come mid to late February, more blessings await me as hubs and I will be first time grandparents! I can hardly wait!

Happy quilting,


18 thoughts on “The final edition of My Primitive Garden Quilt blog posts!

  1. Wow! One of those quilts is impressive, but TWO – that’s just plain amazing!! Nice to see that feline inspector is on the job too. Congratulations on the impending birth – methinks there might be a baby-sized quilt in the near future?

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  2. I would love the additions to the primitive garden pattern. You are so inspiring!
    Blessings, Sue Crook

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  3. Hi, Rhonda,

    I would LOVE your Add-ons. I have had this pattern for quite a while. AND I met you right after your Q won Best of Show in QGGH show a few years back. As I recall, you decided, on the spot, that I was your sister so that I could get beyond the plastic tape and you could show me some of your stunning changes, additions.

    Thanks a bunch and hope to be @ QGGH more this next year!


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  4. Two amazingly talented women – who just also happen to be one amazing Sister and one gifted Mother… of mine! How’d a get so lucky? The Quilts are truly beautiful.

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    1. Hi Patti, if you go back to my blog and scroll down to the end you’ll find a pic of my business card. On the card is my email address. Send me an email and I’ll then have your email address and I’ll send the little extra patterns. 🙂


  5. These are both absolutely gorgeous! I’m excited about the possibility of you creating your own wool on cotton project. I’ll be watching and waiting, because that’s one I’d be very interested in doing!


  6. I absolutely love what you and mom have made together but not exactly the same. Please please send me the file with the complete pattern as I too have a daughter just into quilting and I’m thinking you could be in to something great. Thanks again, Rhonda.

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    1. Thank you Jean! The file I have available to send to you does not have the pattern for this quilt, you can purchase that online by going to the Primitive Gatherings website. What I can send to you is the patterns for all the little extras I added. At the end of my blog post I have a picture of my business card to include my email address. If you send me an email, I can send you the little extras patterns. Blessings!


  7. I love that it was Mother Daughter project. The quilts are exquisite in detail. They are on my favorites list. If you start another I’d love to follow along to create my own (we will see if I really do that though).

    Congratulations again on the soon arrival of your first grandchild. Honestly, there is nothing in the world like seeing your own child instantly change into a parent. The first time you hold that tiny baby there is an instant motherly connection knowing that he or she is a being of your on child. It’s indescribable. I’m so happy for you.

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