Let’s Make a Vintage Linens Quilt Together, Post #6

Boehm House Vintage

Happy Monday to quilters everywhere! Just a reminder, class begins January 1, 2021. Are you getting ready? Are you excited?

We are a global class, keep this in mind when posting. Here in the States we refer to the middle layer of a quilt as Batting but in many other countries it is called Wadding. This is but one example of different names for the same thing. Be mindful of this as you make comments over time in this FB Group.

For those of you outside the States: if one of the members makes mention of an item of which you have no reference, google the item or ask in the comments section about the word(s).

***Class preparation assignment for the week:
Familiarize yourself on the various ways to make Flying Geese. There are (to the best of my knowledge) about 5 different ways. Google: Flying Geese Quilt Block tutorials and you will be presented with a multitude of examples. Piece some examples to hone your skills and to determine the technique best suited to your skills.

For those new to the quilting world, are you reading everything you can in order to familiarize yourself with quilting terms, techniques, requirements, etc., etc.? Remember I said a few weeks ago, while this is definitely not a “beginners quilting class”, but given preparation, there is no reason you cannot keep up and finish this class with a wonderful quilt top!

Did you notice I have use both bleached muslin and a printed tone-on-tone fabric in this block? Why not use the printed fabric in the center block? Because the printed white fabric would have “shadowed” through the embroidered center square causing it to look possibly stained or dirty.

Happy quilting and blessings to all,


2 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Vintage Linens Quilt Together, Post #6

    1. Good luck on it all. You can buy linens, doilies, erc on Ebay or Etsy. Look through things so you get an idea if what you like and need. I ordered all my rules, etc. From amazon because I didn’t have time to run around looking for everything. Ie live in a smaller city. I just won 2 bids for handkerchiefs last night on Ebay. They were held at the same time. I had my bids all ready and gave my Granddaughter my phone and said click this button. I sure didnt think I would get even one but I did get both. Luckily I had the funds to pay for both. There are buy now items so you don’t have to wait for bidding. You may know all this already but if you do have questions please ask. There is a trick I learned for bidding to help you won easier if you need to know it

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