Let’s Make a Vintage Linens Quilt Together, Post #7

What do you do with an embroidered vintage dresser scarf (or any embroidered linen) that is generally in overall good condition but there is just something you are not happy with? My answer: Change it!

See the dresser scarf below, the work is beautiful but one end had a different quality and color of embroidery floss used in the design that connects the motifs together. It was in bad shape and I felt the color was wrong so I decided that a change was in order.

I removed the offending floss and was left with a nice track of needle holes and light marking. Just what I needed to successfully sew a built in decorative stitch from my Bernina.

Do not ever let someone tell you what you should like and not like! Make your project your own by manipulating your linens as needed and personalize your results!

Above is a side by side showing the 2 ends of this dresser scarf. It is the right side color and floss quality that bother me.

This picture is a bit blurry but you can see that by removing the floss, I am left with holes and light markings.

Above you can see I’ve removed all the red-ish floss and already I like the piece so much better.

My Bernina to the rescue! I’ve chosen a nice double Cross-Stitch in a light blue. I purposely chose a matte finish standard weight sewing thread as it will work well with the old embroidery floss finish.


Each sewing machine is different but I thought you might like to see a screen shot of the stitch pattern as displayed on the Bernina.

Keep this in mind as you look through your collection of vintage linens. If you do not like something, change it! You can easily add or delete items of interest to almost any vintage piece.

Blessings and Happy Quilting to everyone,


7 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Vintage Linens Quilt Together, Post #7

      1. Okay, thanks. I’ve never cut a piece of embroidery work before so I was a little anxious about doing so. I finally got some pieces to start the stars with. Think I’ll post my progress on thursdays this year.

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  1. Rhonda thank you so much for this inspiring email. I have a tablecloth which has a beautiful stamped pattern on the corners. One was started and never finished and I had considered doing the embriodery by hand, yet doing it by my machine crossed my mind. I hesitated about that; know with this emails encouragement I will proceed with doing it on the machine.

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