Let’s Make a Vintage Linens Quilt Together, Post #10, Class 1, Lesson #1

See how visually important the Star Blocks are? That is why we will be starting our project by making all 8 of them over the next few days.
As a reminder, I’ve listed above both the cut and finished sizes of the quilt blocks, the “best guesstimate” of fabric needed and a reminder that all seams are to be 1/4” wide.

Follow Steps 1-4 and be amazed at your beautiful Star Blocks! Oh how good it feels to take an old vintage linen and give it a new purpose, a new way to shine for all to see!

Did you practice making Flying Geese quilt blocks? Are you ready to use your chosen fabrics and your vintage linens?

Remember, not all your star blocks need to have exactly the same neutral background fabric. If you have some of these neutral fabrics that are similar, you might want to think about using a variety of them.

I am anticipating we will take 3-4 weeks to end up with a finished quilt top. You may take longer if you like, the instruction will remain here on this Facebook Group page for at least the next 6 months, maybe longer.

Every few days or so I will introduce the “next step” including general instructions and pictures.

Keep this in mind: this is your quilt! If you do not like Star quilt blocks, make yours something else. The same goes for any other block. I will give you the overall measurements so that if you already have adaptations in mind you will know what size everything needs to be to all fit together in the end.

How to say this…you do not have to love every block in your quilt top. There are a few blocks in the quilt pictured above that I am not thrilled with but I did not dislike them enough to take them out. Please know that every block cannot be the “star of the show”.

I have mentioned that the Dresden Plate block is the Bull’s Eye and the 8 Star blocks draw your eye around the quilt. The white muslin sashing strips and the green cornerstones serve to frame the blocks. The Pinwheels create action and the 4 Patches give you opportunity to use bits and pieces of both fabrics and vintage linens. The remainder of the square blocks give you room to feature your vintage pieces in the same fashion as your star centers. And about the sashing strips and cornerstones, remember you do not have to use them, it is your choice.

It starts today! Hope you are as excited as I am! Blessings to all for a Very Happy New Year!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Vintage Linens Quilt Together, Post #10, Class 1, Lesson #1

  1. Oh, my tum is full of excited butterflies. Can’t believe I’m going to attempt this. I’ve never done flying geese before…at least not in quilting. What a challenge this will be. Looking forward to it.

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your techniques and ideas with those of us the enjoy vintage linens! I’m looking forward to getting started. I can’t wait to see what others do with their quilt.

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  3. Happy 2🎉0🎉2🎉1🎉.
    So happy to read we could choose another block.
    I had a health issue, so will use UFO blocks partially assembled, which will relieve my anxiety.

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