Let’s Make a Vintage Linens Quilt Together, Class 1, it’s a Wrap!

The quilting and the binding is finished. This has been such a wonderful journey, so many in the class have created such beautiful quilts! I’ve had a great time, hope you have too!

I used a single layer of Hobbs heirloom poly down batting, Wonderfil Specialty Threads Deco Bob thread, #104 in the needle and bobbin. I use a size 16 longarm needle. The backing fabric is bleached muslin and I quilt on an Innova longarm.

Did you know that if you turn most of the overhead lights off and just leave the machine light on, you get some wonderful shadows that highlight the quilting designs?

The embroidered vintage pieces were easy to quilt, the stars worked well with a large feather wreath design.

I plan to use this piece as a Throw. Here it is keeping me warm on one of our few cold Houston, TX winter evenings.

If you’ve followed me for very long then you’ll know I adore quilting feathers. This quilt is no exception. 🙂

I love the idea of getting vintage linens in the limelight, they are beautiful and I believe that by using these worn, torn and stained pieces it is a wonderful way to honor the hands that made them.

Thanks for following me, for participating in my class and for all your kind words and support! Are you ready for Class 2? It begins March 1st! Stay tuned for information soon!

Remember, you are creating art!

Blessings to all,


15 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Vintage Linens Quilt Together, Class 1, it’s a Wrap!

  1. I’m still enjoying this QAL! Question though, on binding…. Are you using a 2.5in strip to bind with? I’ve sewn up section one and laid out all the pieces for the rest of it….it seems so small. My mind had it large enough for bed… Did I do something wrong???

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      1. Okay, thanks… It must have slipped my mind. It’s a challenge trying to figure out which sashings to attach first in order to sew straight lines…probably words are failing there. With snow coming in I’ll be a mad sewing wench this weekend. 🤡😄

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      2. Have you read all the blog posts? There is a detailed chart that tells you exactly how to sew everything into sections and then see the sections together. Otherwise, yes, it could be very challenging!

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      3. I don’t have internet at home. I read them when I’m out but it hard to remember things. I’ll go back out and reread…take nor screen shots to see at home. It’s coming.. Just very slowly.

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  2. I have not been sewing along but have certainly been inspired to make one! I do have some linens and crocheted doilies made by my mother that have been waiting for the right project…I believe this may be it! Beautiful!

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  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful expience. It’s been a plesure from start to finish. It’s been a joy to have this top to keep moving along and keep my brain busy. Looking forward to the next quilts. Hmmmm. . .I’ll be looking for Christmas theme linens for later too.

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  4. I have been following this quiltalong even though I did not make the quilt. I am trying to finish up another quilt. I learned a lot. I have linens ready so I may straggle behind the others, but now I will wait to see what the March quilt looks like and see which one fits my linens the best.

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