Class 2: Vintage Lattice Stars, an Introduction

I’m so excited to tell you about what we are going to make in Class 2 beginning March 1, 2021. We are going to follow a pattern by a professional designer, Karen Walker. Owner of Laugh Yourself into Stitches, ( Karen created Lattice Stars but has allowed me to rename our project Vintage Lattice Stars! How great is that!

Karen’s patterns are very straightforward making them easy to follow. She has gone the extra step for us by making the pattern available as both a downloadable .pdf or as a traditional purchased paper pattern but here is the best part: she has priced the .pdf at only $3.99 and the hard copy at $6.50 and that includes shipping…USA only. ***Please note: International purchases are only available in .pdf downloads.

Click on the above blue link to take you to Karen’s website.

The pattern has 4 different finished sizes to choose from so you can make anything from a Throw to a King-sized bed quilt. Being quilters, we recognize a great deal when we see one!

I have created 2 examples for you, the first is the pink and white finished and partially embellished quilt, zoom in on the picture to see all the added elements.

The second is the red/white/blue/yellow quilt top that has yet to get its borders:

The special tools I used for the Class 2 quilts are:

12 ½” square quilters ruler,

6 ½” square quilters ruler,

Ultimate Flying Geese Tool

June Taylor Shape Cutter.

While these tools helped me, they are not absolutely necessary to create the quilt. You have the option of deciding which or all to add to your quilting resources collection.

Let’s talk a bit about the 2 quilts I have pictured above for you. The pink and white fabrics are things I pulled from my stash. Zoom in on the picture to see all the embellishment I added and know that more embellishments are yet to come.

The second quilt top uses Moda fabrics, mostly (but not all) from the Back Porch collection. To begin the quilt top I purchased and used 11 half yard cuts. I did not use up all of the individual 11 fabrics, I have a bit left over to go into my growing Stash Scrap Bin.

The white fabric in both quilts is the same, something I had on hand. It is a quiet white tone-on-tone with a small ivy leaf and vine design.

Use this link to download the different size specifications:

As soon as you purchase your pattern, begin thinking about your color scheme and your vintage linens stash. You will have until March 1st to gather your things together. And if I know many of you like I think I do, after you get your pattern, some of you will have already made a quilt top or two by then! Remember, it is easy and acceptable to mix old with new. Not all your star centers need be vintage.

The sky’s the limit on a quilt like this! I may make one in Christmas colors using a vintage Christmas tablecloth as my star centers. I have been on eBay looking for just the perfect piece to cut apart. Are you excited to use your star making/flying geese making skills for a new project? I know I am excited to present this new class to you!

Happy fabric and linens collecting! Remember, the class begins March 1st so you have plenty of time!


5 thoughts on “Class 2: Vintage Lattice Stars, an Introduction

  1. Do you recommend using an iron on stabilizer for the back of hand embroidered pieces? I’m so afraid of stitches coming loose. There isn’t always enough thread to tie knots.

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  2. I am looking forward to Quilt 2. I’m so close to finishing Quilt 1. I have attempted to make my pinwheels twice and finally got it right!! Now for my sashing and cornerstones. Yay! I am looking forward to March. Thank you Rhonda for your generosity.
    I’m having a great time.

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  3. “Are you excited to use your star making/flying geese making skills for a new project?”
    I am trailing behind on the first project but so far, I have had to reject three stars to achieve three that are usable! I did practice making my flying geese first and thought I had it down, but kept messing up the sizes of squares involved, or the placement of feature fabrics vs background fabric. Possibly I have it down now and will be attempting #4 today! This new project looks awesome! Thanks Rhonda!

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  4. I got the pattern ordered (lovely, simple pattern!). Will follow along as I am able (since most all of my linens, etc, are up north! I know it could be said that it’s a good excuse(?) to venture out for more but I do NOT need to purchase more!!!!!! LOL!!!!! Looking forward to the start…….hugs………

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