Class 2, Embellishing with Laces and Trims, my Vintage Lattice Stars Quilt

When considering embellishing elements for your quilt, don’t forget commercially produced laces and lace applique motifs. Once again you will find detailed information in the individual picture captions. Are you seeing that embellishing can add so much to an already pleasing quilt? Keep in mind: if you are intending the quilt will be a utility piece, your embellishments need to be able to survive the laundry process.

This flower and leaf lace motif was part of a much larger piece. I trimmed until I was happy with the size for my quilt. With 6 straight pins holding the lace in place, I machine stitched the flower/leaf piece to the quilt using the default stitch length setting on my sewing machine.

Another flower/leaf lace stitched to the quilt.

Don’t be afraid to overlay your laces.

If at all possible, place your embellishing pieces in groups of odd numbers. You’ll remember from a previous FB post that odd numbers create visual tension and therefore visual interest.

Not all added embellishment need to be laces. The circle with petals above was cut from a manufactured ivory doily with damage from use.

Some people still are asking if these embellishments were added before or after quilting. Can you see that the longarm quilting is hidden below this lace motif? This tells you the lace was added after the quilting took place.

Hope this gives you ideas about using things that might not be “old” but will work so well with your Vintage Lattice Star (or any other) Quilt!

Blessings and happy quilting!


4 thoughts on “Class 2, Embellishing with Laces and Trims, my Vintage Lattice Stars Quilt

    1. It depends upon the intended use of the piece. If it is a utility quilt the embellishments are usually always attached by machine, if it is a showpiece for competition then I would attach everything by hand.


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