Class 3: Making a Star Hexagon with 60° Diamonds

Have you been following the free classes on Facebook at the: 1914 Boehm House Vintage Linens Retreat group? We started January 1st with our first class and we’re now working on hexagons in Class 3. This is the second tutorial to be published for Class 3.

Once again, stitching ONLY between the dots is key! Because so much of the instruction is the same as the hexagon made with the three 60° large diamonds, I am not going to have quite as much to tell you about in the picture captions.
By sewing two strips of fabric together and then strategically placing the template, you will have made things soooooo much easier as you construct your 6 point star hexagon.

Here’s an example where I go against tradition and press the seam open.
Remember, the dotted line is the stitching line. It gets placed directly over the seam line.
You can mark and scissor cut or you can use your rotary cutter for your pieces.
By sewing the two fabrics together first, we have saved ourselves so much time!!!
But wait!! What’s this new template? I’ve had this super handy Deluxe Corner Trimmer for ages and I love it! I can also use it to mark the 120° and the
60° angles.
It’s a close match-up in the star center. I could have done better but this works for me.
All six of the ivory diamonds have been added and I am ready to press.
Remember to be consistent when pressing seam allowances.
This is one instance where I go against the rule of “press to the dark”.
I lay my hexagon template over my creation and if necessary I will trim
to size.

Are you ready to give it a try?

Happy quilting!


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