Class 3: Adding Sashing to Hexagons

Have you been following the free classes on Facebook at the: 1914 Boehm House Vintage Linens Retreat group? We started January 1st with our first class and we’re now working on hexagons in Class 3. I hope you find this third tutorial helpful:

Three hexagons with sashings added. So far the sashings look quite ordinary.
Stack one on top of the other, still ordinary.
Add one more in this placement and the magic takes place as the sashings begin to look intertwined.
How to begin? With your hexagon in front of you, begin to audition fabrics and color placement.
Check the back of your hexagon, are the dots still there?
Pin your first sashing strip in place.
Flip your hexagon over and sew dot to dot.
Flip and press.
SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT TIP: always always always on EVERY HEXAGON sew the sashing strips on in the same order, either clockwise or counter clockwise. ALWAYS!
For the next 4 sashing strips, the dot to dot sewing is ignored.
Sew from edge to edge.
Using scissors or rotary cutter, you can trim the right hand excess from sashing strip #1.
Flip and press.
Continuing in my clockwise placement, I pin and sew sashing strip #3 in the same manner, edge to edge.
Flip, press, repeat through sashing strip #5.
Can you see how I have folded down and pinned sashing strip #1? After this pinning, set sashing strip #6 in place and this time…
Sew left side dot all the way to the edge of the pink strip.
That’s right, keep sewing.

Carefully press strip 6 and then un-pin strip 1.
This is what it will look like.
Carefully open up strip 1, lay it out over strip 6 and sew in the pressed
fold line.
Begin sewing at the edge of strip 6.
Flip, press and with your rotary cutter begin to trim away the excess fabric.
Is this a great technique great or what!!! 🙂🙂🙂
And here it is in my quilt top!

If you follow these steps you will end up with amazing sashed hexagons!

Happy quilting!!


5 thoughts on “Class 3: Adding Sashing to Hexagons

  1. Amazing! I was looking at the pictures early on and wondered, ‘which strip was first’?? Couldn’t decide. Then, I read your words and Wa La…That’s the coolest ever!!!!

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