Vintage Linens Quilting Retreats in 2021!

I’m so excited to announce two Vintage Linens Retreats for 2021! The dates? July 8-11 and Dec. 1-4. The very idea of maybe, just maybe getting back to normal makes my heart happy and wouldn’t it be fun to work with Christmas themed vintage linens at the December event!

Each retreat will each feature 3 projects, the Pink and Green Vintage Linens quilt:

The Vintage Handkerchief quilt:

And Saving the Cutter Quilt project. Below you’ll find several pictures of examples. But what’s a cutter quilt? I think it is a quilt best described as worn, torn, tattered, stained. A quilt in very sad shape but worthy of saving.

The 1914 Boehm House in Moulton, Tx is the perfect venue to work with vintage linens and quilts. The beautiful 3 story Victorian home converted into a retreat center is very welcoming, comfortable and ready for your reservation!

Get in touch with Anita, her email is: or you can find her phone number in the picture above.

Here are a few pictures from a previous retreat, we had a blast!

Check your calendar, make a call, send an email, just get in touch with Anita and book your adventure! I’m looking forward to teaching again this year! See you there!


8 thoughts on “Vintage Linens Quilting Retreats in 2021!

  1. I’ve sent Anita an email after realizing that the retreat will be held less than 2 hours away from where I live (Austin, Texas). I am really hoping this will come together. What a treat!

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    1. I did it! I signed up this morning for the July class. I am terrified and excited at the same time. This will be my first ever quilt retreat, and I can’t wait! I just know I am going to have a wonderful time and meet lots of new friends. I’m ready to jump in and learn from the master. So excited!

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    1. You need to speak with Anita at the retreat venue, you will find her business card directly under mine at the end of the blog post. I do not supply anything, you bring everything you will need for the retreat.


  2. Ohhhhh the fun, fellowship and fantastic time this event will be to gather, learn and share your talent, gift, love and teaching expertise for quilt ART!!!! Wish I could be there, but, I’ll always been there in spirit with my gifted and amazing sister!!!! I love you, Cynthia

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