Class 2, the Christmas Stars Vintage Tablecloth Quilt Project

For everyone still working on a Star quilt from Class #2, with the 1914 Boehm House Vintage Linens Classes, take heart, so am I!

Want to know more about these free classes? Search Facebook for:

1914 Boehm House Vintage Linens Classes, once there just click to join and let the fun begin!

I just took this off the longarm and trimmed the edges a few minutes ago. Why am I showing you this quilt before I do the binding? Because at the rate I’m progressing, the binding might take months! 🤣

What’s not to love about seeing a Christmas quilt in June! 🎄 🤶 Just to recap, I fussy cut star centers from a well used vintage Christmas tablecloth. Here are 50 pictures to take you visually through the process start to almost finished:

I am thrilled with this quilt! I love that I was able to take an old well used/loved Christmas silk screened tablecloth and transform it into a modern day piece. During the actual quilting process I discovered the red fabric fades/bleeds when wet so I will launder once the binding has been attached. I will use my front load washing machine, cold water wash and rinse, 1/8th cup of Blue Dawn Dishwashing Liquid with an extra rinse cycle added. After it is clean it will promptly go into the clothes dryer.

Once again, thanks to pattern designer Karen Walker of Laugh Yourself Into Stitches, this quilt is an adaptation of her Lattice Stars design.

Happy quilting and blessings,


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