Class 4, the Double Wedding Ring Quilt, Blog Post #4

Class 4 Information FB Post 4

As you are thinking about the decorative stitching around your vintage linen pieces, no matter what their shape, here are 20 close up pictures of my solid arc DWR as well as a picture of the Bernina built in stitch I used.

Do all your decorative stitches need to be the same like mine are? Absolutely no! Do you need to change the color of your thread to match and/or compliment your linen and surrounding fabrics? Again, no! Remember, this is your project, do what makes your heart sing!

And speaking of stitches…do you “test” your stitch before you sew on your treasured masterpiece you are creating? Hopefully your answer is a resounding “Yes!” Using scrap white or light ivory fabrics, fold or layer two or three pieces together. If your machine allows, try different widths and/or lengths of any stitch. When you find a combo you like, jot down the stitch parameters (width and length). Why…well if you’re anything like me you think you will remember but within a few minutes…well you know what I mean! 🤣😂❤️

For my Christmas themed DWR utilizing the vintage tablecloth I used the same Bernina stitch, #301 but because so much was going on visually I chose to use the same decorative stitch thread color throughout.

Happy stitching and blessings,


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