The Vintage Pink Basket Quilt, Part 6

Lace to the rescue! New recently delivered from Amazon white lace is a wonderful way to both enhance the overall quilt block as well as distract the eye from the inconsistent strips added to the blocks allowing them to be squared up.

I don’t do this often but I feel like this was a great buy, that’s why I’m promoting this product.

The lace has been sewn on but what’s going on with the curves drawn using my black Frixion pen?

I’ve machine satin stitched what appears to be a vine that is wrapped around the basket handle. I love to hand embroider but I also love to utilize the amazing things my sewing machine can do!

My newly stitched vine needs some machine stitched leaves.

I do most all my sewing on a Bernina 550QE, the leaf is stitched with #407.

These little white flowers add a nice visual to the leafy vine.

Are you wondering about the sets of holes that look like snake bites…remember, this was a Tied quilt. Even after the hours and hours of soaking and the washer/dryer spa treatment, the holes remain.

This block gets commercially produced lace flowers and a bow on the handle. If you can zoom in on the bow you will see it is made from very old tattered ribbon.

Can you tell I’m having a ball embellishing these vintage quilt blocks? What else is happening to these wonderful blocks? The picture below is another sneaky-peek:

Are you thinking ahead to the quilting stage of this “yet to be finished” quilt top? Yes, this will be custom quilted, with the addition of all the embellishments it will not be a quick job but I’m up for the challenge!

Blessings to all and happy quilting, Rhonda

9 thoughts on “The Vintage Pink Basket Quilt, Part 6

  1. Very impressive how you’ve prettied up these blocks. You’re creativity is amazing! I love the vine around the basket handle.


  2. You have quite the vision! Those twisting and draping vines bring a whole new life to the quilt. Thanks for the heads up on where to get the lace. I remember the long-ago days when I used to order it like that from the back pages of women’s magazines! Love how this is coming along!

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  3. Such nice work, Rhonda! I admire your skill and creativity – it’s so much better to leave the world better than you found it, one quilt at a time! Thank you for sharing these.

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  4. Where can we purchase the ruler you used to mark the curves on the basket handle? The different rulers you use are fascinating. Do you have an online shop where they are available?

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    1. This is one of a set of nesting circle rulers I purchased several years ago for my long arm quilting. As I understand from another viewer, the company is no longer in business. If you Google nesting circles I know you will find many options for purchase. Keep me posted!


      1. Thank you Rhonda. I searched for nesting circles as you suggested. The only ones I have found so are that are similar to yours is at the website “Quilting is my therapy.”
        Handi Quilter Gold Rings ruler set. 5 nesting ring templates 1/4′ acrylic. $109.95 per set.
        I love watching you transform these quilts back into the beautiful pieces that someone once took such care to make. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

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