The Vintage Pink Basket Quilt, Part 5

Remember a few blog posts ago I mentioned I had saved the quilt back but had to soak and launder it twice? I’m so glad I have it as the original quilt back is the same ivory fabric used on the front of the quilt. I believe it to be a light weight muslin.

There was enough of the ivory back fabric to cut enough 2 1/2 x 18” strips that I can use to square up the wonky quilt blocks.

I can’t straighten up the quilt blocks too much (or sometimes at all) before I add the strips to each of the four sides of the starched and pressed original blocks.

Can you see that if I straighten the original block, the basket base will be cut away on the pink triangle edge? I cut the strips wide enough to be able to eventually trim the block to 16 1/2”.

The picture above shows the block before I trim it.

Another example of a seriously crazy edge on another of the blocks.

I’m showing you this picture so you can see the evidence of the original seams remain in many places.

Even with the strips of fabric sewn to all sides, it remains a wonky block until it gets trimmed with this giant 16 1/2” square quilting ruler.

So I have a perfectly square quilt block at this point but those side strips sure do look odd. No worries, I have a plan…hopefully it will work.

And in the store this pink sashing looked like a perfect match… it looks good enough I’m thinking.

I was very happy to learn recently about this quilt pattern. A designer, woman extraordinaire, quilter, chef, etc. by the name of Florence La Ganke writing under the pen name of Nancy Page designed this quilt pattern known as Grandmother’s Garden in 1928 or 29.

Quilter Elenor Burns did a book remake of the instructions not all that many years ago.

Blessings to all and happy quilting, Rhonda

6 thoughts on “The Vintage Pink Basket Quilt, Part 5

  1. I am totally blown away with what you have done with this antique quilt! Honestly, with your first blog about it, the thought your tackling the project was almost overwhelming. My eyes about popped out when I saw the pictures of you taking small pieces apart. And then those wonky blocks! Well, now that it is at this stage, I went back to take pleasure and delight in your process. Truly amazing!

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  2. I wish I had seen this when I finished some basket blocks (wonky) just a few months ago. I just added the same color of yellow and it bothered me that I could see the additions due to the sides being uneven. So, I just added sashing between the blocks and quilted it with a baptist fan pattern. It actually helped disguise it, but your idea is even better!

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