The Vintage Pink Basket Quilt, Part 4

I’ve been moving along so fast I forgot to show tell you how I handled the precariously pieced basket triangles. Most of the actual baskets were hand pieced and many had already come apart by time I bought the quilt.

Putting my built in machine decorative stitches to use once again, I chose a light ivory thread, needle and bobbin, and stitched directly over the seams. I removed the red thread used on so many of the basket handles and using the machine applique stitch I sewed around the entire basket motif to include the handle.

Let me take a minute to show you the back of one of the blocks:

Is it any wonder these blocks are wonky!

But back to the pretty side, there were areas of damage to be addressed, white Bosal brand light weight woven single sided fusible to the rescue:

All I’m interested in doing is securing the torn area. Yes it looks like the “patch” it is, I will address this area later in the process. This is a good closeup though of both the outer edge applique stitch as well as the decorative stitching directly centered over the basket pieces seams.

Want a closeup of each of the 20 blocks?

Oh I do love these wonky blocks! What’s the little tag with numbers at the bottom point of each? I needed to establish both the smallest and largest block in order to make a decision about how to handle squaring up each one.

I’ve been doing research on this quilt pattern and have found out lots of info! More on that in my next blog post.

Blessings to all and happy quilting, Rhonda

9 thoughts on “The Vintage Pink Basket Quilt, Part 4

  1. Where have you been all my life!! I am obsessed with vintage linens; I buy them but never know what to do with them…so much inspiration here!! I know what my next quilt project will be!

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  2. Dear Rhonda,I have not been able to find a name for this block. The quilt is hand pieced and hand quilted. The quilt was given to me by a person that lived in Maine.  The finished edge is made by rolling over the backing and sewn to make a binding. It has old cotton batting that is now very bumpy and out of place. It was machine washed before I received it. I soaked in dish powder to sanitize. Laid out in sun. And tried To pick the bumps flat with no success. The backing is in very good condition. Front has about 7 blocks that are heavily damaged. I will make a pattern and use some vintage fabrics to repair or replace those. My questions are1. Any idea of the Name of block and age of quilt? I love the hand stitching and will preserve it.  2. What do you think?I was wondering about cutting very small openings in the backing to get rid of lump. Leaving the backing on and covering with new batting and backing and just hand tacking in places. Does that sound crazy to try? Sincerely,Marie Coolidge Signal Mountain, TN

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  3. Such sweet blocks. I love watching the process.
    Your work encourages me to try a repair on an old quilt.
    I will send questions and pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your passion.

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