The Vintage Pink Basket Quilt, Part 8

This project, this 100% experiment has moved along quickly and I’m happy with how things have progressed. I hope everyone understands my desire to save and bring honor to the original quilt maker. This is one of those quilts that very well might have ended up in the rubbish bin and what a loss that would have been!

I do find it fascinating to think about the quilt maker and how her creativity found its way into these 20 pink baskets. Having found many of the original block patterns, I can see she made most, if not all the blocks to her liking, similar yet different from the patterns. This is sooooo me! I like to tweek quilt patterns (or just about anything) to make them my own.

Besides all the machine decorative stitching, I did quite a lot of hand work on the blocks.

I’m a huge fan of French Knots.

Each of the tiny white flowers intertwined around the basket handle got a tiny pink French Knot center.

Lots of 5 petal lazy-daisy flowers will find their way into the blocks.

Larger yellow French Knots around the left half of the flower centers as well as pink satin stitching directly over the manufactured yellow centers of two larger white flowers.

Did I mention I like French Knots?

The pale green ribbon is quite old, something I pulled from my stash.

This pale ivory flower motif is a new piece.

A little hand stitching was needed to secure these tiny little flower petals.

All the blocks are finished, the quilt top is complete and has been loaded onto the longarm. In blog post #9 I will detail how 18 minutes of quilting turned into 9 hours of “un-quilting”. ☹️

Blessings to all, Rhonda

10 thoughts on “The Vintage Pink Basket Quilt, Part 8

  1. This is turning into a really beautiful piece. Your step by step is an inspiration for all the sorry pieces I have inherited but didn’t know what to do with. The hand stitching is perfect and a great addition to the already beautiful work. Thank you for this.

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  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I think the original quilter would be so happy with your results! Your work is fascinating, and I really enjoy your posts!

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  3. The touches of hand embroidery add so much to the beauty and vintage feel of the quilt. I so enjoy seeing all the close-up pictures of your handiwork.

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  4. So lovely, I love french knots too and lazy daisy flowers. I love how you dd the old ribbon, just perfect. I have so much of that stuff that I could add to some quilts, I need to do that!

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