11 thoughts on “For the children of Ukraine

  1. I feel she will get a better response than anticipated. I am sure there are people that will volunteer to assemble and quilt what comes in.

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  2. Rhonda, I would love to participate in this wonderful effort for the children of Ukraine. However, I would not be able to meet the deadline of March 31. If you will be sending additional squares at some later date , please let me know.

    I have been enjoying your series of quilting projects with vintage linens and quilts! You do amazing work and instruction! I am curious to know if you need a source for linens. I have a large collection that I realize I will not have opportunity to make good use of and would be willing to sell .

    Thanks, Diane Hyman

    May God bless you today:) ________________________________

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  3. Hello Rhonda! I was given a large gift certificate to Spoonflower for Christmas (assuming you’re familiar with that site). I would like to donate this to you so you can select fabric (or design it) for this project.

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