Jellystone, My Bear Paw Quilt

I woke up one day and decided I needed a king size quilt. Here’s the journey beginning to end.

I purchased this book as a download maybe a year ago and this quilt intrigued me.

This book is full of great quilts/patterns.

First I needed what seemed like 10,000 half square triangles. I cut and paired one light and one dark fabric square, made sure my bobbin was full and the sewing commenced!

Did I chain piece? Yes! Did I remember to take a picture of this chain piecing? No. In fact I forgot to take pictures of a bunch of the steps.

The next step was this part outlined in yellow. There are great instructions about how to make two at a time.

This template I made out of a plastic 3-ring binder cover came in super handy.

Each Bear Paw block needs 4 half square triangles and these hst’s need their light and dark fabrics strategically placed.

Like I said, excellent instructions!

Now…sometimes I follow a pattern, sometimes I go rogue. It was at this point that the “rouge-ness” began.

If you scroll back to the top you’ll see the pattern calls for block sashings made from lots and lots of small rectangles.

I decided on a 1” finished dark red print sashing. My quilt top finished at approx. 51×51. I folded it up and put it into the stack of quilt tops to be quilted.

Enter the idea for a king sized quilt. Now just let me interject…I was also on a 2 week prescription drug that gave me insomnia…really bad insomnia.

I’ve quilted before when exhausted…think most quilting retreats…but never on 2 or 3 hours of sleep for days running. My solution: WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN IN STEPS!

So the transition from 51×51 to about 90×90 began. I decided to add borders, at least 20” of borders to each side. Below you will see I added a 1” finished border of the red sashing fabric, a 2” border (and black print cornerstones) of an ivory fabric and another 1” finished border of a brown print.

At this point I decide to add a border of 3×6 Flying geese. I needed 84 of these blocks. It was at this point things got fuzzy. Fuzzy as in “How on earth did I end up making 252 Flying Geese blocks???” People!! Sleep is important!

I liked this layout for the Flying Geese border but I need to address both the corners and the 2 inches in the middle where the Flying Geese don’t quite come together.

I made 8 more Bear Paw blocks to use as border cornerstones, add a 1” border and then another round of the Geese blocks. I addressed the gap issue of each Goose border by adding a 2” pieced strip of a red and 2 white 2” blocks. There’s a final 2” border to be added but at this point my design wall is just too small. You can see the final border below on the longarm.

But first, look at this backing fabric. I love it!

My batting choice for this quilt? I always love Hobbs 80/20.

A hand guided panto or edge-to-edge is my quilting choice.

This paper panto is by Urban Elements and is titled: Santa Ana Grande, a 10” pattern.

The needle and bobbin thread is by Superior Threads, the So Fine product, variegated color #701.

I’m not terribly keen on actually doing pantos…I find myself bored. Was I ever happy to take this picture! Quilting finished! All 6 hours and 35 minutes of quilting. Which reminds me…do you keep a journal of your quilting? I do, because without it I would have no idea what I did, what I used and how long the quilting took! No idea!!

Off the longarm and trimmed.

All 90.5” x 4 of binding finished!

My quilt took a trip to the DortWorld Day Spa (the washer dryer) and it came out all soft and cuddly. I knew I had some temperamental fabrics in the quilt so in the washing machine rather than use laundry detergent I used 1/8th cup blue Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, selected a cold water wash and added an extra rinse cycle. Why blue Dawn? Head over to my blog post of July 2021, grab a cup of coffee and read all the details.

When’s the next time I will make a king size quilt top…probably never! These things are HUGE! 🤣

Happy quilting and blessings, Rhonda

20 thoughts on “Jellystone, My Bear Paw Quilt

  1. Thank you! I loved the step by step process you shared with us. Those of us that are intimidated by quilt patterns need your calm break down of the process. Love the quilt, btw!

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  2. Your quilt is so beautiful! Knowing the story of its making brings a heart and soul to the quilt that I will carry with me in inspiration and information. If the fire is the reality (insomnia), then out of it you brought the Phoenix! Kudos to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The quilt is gorgeous- love all the changes you made to make it uniquely yours! Your journaling is also impressive- I scribble notes on pieces of paper and then lose them! In the past few years my phone and Google Photos are my journal- not very detailed but I do surprise myself at what I have accomplished over time.
    Happy sewing!

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  4. Oh wow. This is a work of art and so much detail. I can’t believe you did all those flying geese. Well they are ready for another project. I hope you were able to catch up on your sleep. I just love this quilt. Is this on your bed or did yiu just want to make this? Your talent is beyond measure.

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  5. Again, you’re such a great inspiration. You certainly make us think “out of the box” and push us all to do more than the ordinary. I love your borders!

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  6. I love all her patterns but she does love HST, and I don’t. I just finished a quilt with that same panto, it takes a lot of time but it’s really pretty. I only use that thread in my bobbin as HQ said I’d need a different needle to use it on top. I think I’ll call them and find out what size. Your quilt turned out beautiful but it’s too bad your sleep suffered. I wish I kept a journal for my quilts but I just don’t have time, my life is too busy. I do love reading about your quilting though.

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